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The Activa project started its clinical trials on cystic fibrosis

This Saturday, the 6th of March the Casino Masnou (Maresme) will host a scientific activity aimed at boys and girls between 7 and 16 years from the Maresme area. The activity is part of the Activa project, an initiative within the Avanza plan of the Ministry of Industry, coordinated by Jordi Villa, main researcher of the project by the UPF and researcher at the Laboratory of Biophysics and Computational Biochemistry Research Group in Biomedical Informatics ( GRIB) of the UPF-IMIM.

9 March 2010

Biological data, from Babel to BIANA

A new platform integrates various scattered databases

The chaos of biological data, hitherto scattered in various databases, comes to an end. A new program of free access, BIANA has been made available to scientists and has been put together to facilitate their research. With this new tool, with a Catalan stamp, scientists have at their disposal a wealth of information, they will be able to find new relationships between different biological elements, make predictions and identify new therapeutic targets.

Patricia Morén | 22 February 2010

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