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Presentation of research projects Amy Mahan

The Research Fellowship Program Amy Mahan to promote the study of the impact of public access to ICT is sponsored by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and administered by the University Pompeu Fabra. Last March, after the close of the period of presentation of papers, were chosen the 12 best proposals.

4 may 2010

Between 27 and 30 April, Albert degrees Calsamiglia room on the campus of the UPF Ciutadella hosted a workshop that brought together expert researchers in the field of knowledge and research fellows by the program.

The researchers were invited to present their projects to have a special opportunity to discuss in front of their directors and other experts involved, their respective projects for methodological advice to carry them out.

Each of the projects will receive financial support of 22,000 euros for implementation in the next 18 months. The respective principal investigators studied from different points of view, the impact of new technologies in their countries and cultural backgrounds.

Snipe people who have participated in the symposium were: Nikos Dacanay (Thailand), Jorge Bossio (Peru), Shang Wei (China), Nor Aziah Alias (Malaysia), Sebastián Benítez (Argentina), Alejandra Phillipp (Chile), Haroon Sseguya (Uganda), Balwant Singh Mehta (India), Simon Yalams (Jamaica), Sylvie Siyam (Cameroon), Ghaleb Rabab'ah (Jordan) and Jean Damascene (Rwanda).

As experts, collaborating academics from the University of San Andrés in Buenos Aires (Argentina), University of the Philippines in Manila and the LINK Centre at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa, coordinated by professors and David Sancho Francisco Proenza, Department of Political and Social Sciences of the UPF.

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