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The Activa project started its clinical trials on cystic fibrosis

This Saturday, the 6th of March the Casino Masnou (Maresme) will host a scientific activity aimed at boys and girls between 7 and 16 years from the Maresme area. The activity is part of the Activa project, an initiative within the Avanza plan of the Ministry of Industry, coordinated by Jordi Villa, main researcher of the project by the UPF and researcher at the Laboratory of Biophysics and Computational Biochemistry Research Group in Biomedical Informatics ( GRIB) of the UPF-IMIM.

9 March 2010

The activity is the first of the clinical studies of the project, which aims to assess the response of healthy volunteers participating in the use of video games to become the benchmark to control a second experiment in which the same action is repeated on people with cystic fibrosis, patients from the Madrid Association Against Cystic Fibrosis  (AMCFQ), an association that is part of the Activa project. The main objective of Activa is to verify that video games may help in the rehabilitation of people with this type of degenerative and disabling diseases.

For the participation of the young people in the activity, the corresponding informed consent containing all details of the project has been asked for. During the stay at the Casino, the boys and girls will have to spend about hour about trying out a common selection of games and answering questionnaires about their feelings. At the same time, simple measures as weight and height will be taken.

As the experiment is part of a scientific project, the number of participants is limited by the study protocol and must follow certain criteria of homogeneity, so that the research team is responsible for selecting the candidates according to this criterion who have expressed their willingness to participate through e-mail.

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