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Visit of the President of Portugal at PRBB

This morning the official visit of Portuguese President Anibal Cavaco Silva took place. From early in the morning until the end of the visit there has been large movement of people in the building because of a large deployment of security devices that usually accompany such acts. Cavaco Silva has arrived accompanied by a delegation of 25 Portuguese and Catalan officials, amongst were the President of the Generalitat de Catalunya, José Montilla and the ambassador of Portugal in Spain, Alvaro de Mendouza.

8 March 2010

At the Plaza Darwin, Jordi Camí and the Minister of Health, Marina Geli, among other officials have welcomed the President. The visit, the conversations and the atmosphere has been very relaxed and friendly. The Portuguese President greeted the Portuguese residents of PRBB awaiting him on the terrace of the auditorium and Cavaco Silva has spoken with them and showed a personal interest in their work at PRBB. After a brief presentation of the park by Jordi Camí, the delegation has visited the clinical trials unit of IMIM and the genomics Laboratory of the UPF.

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