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The president of Portugal will visit the PRBB

The next 5th of March the state visit at the PRBB is scheduled for the President of the Republic of Portugal, HE. Mr. Cavaco Silva, who will also be present in Barcelona at the celebration of the First Iberian Forum (Hispano-Portuguese Energy Forum) at the Lotja de Mar . Mr. Cavaco Silva will be accompanied by the President of the Generalitat, José Montilla .

2 March 2010

L’Excm. Sr. Cavaco Silva
The tour will begin at 10:00 with a salute to the Portuguese scientists working
at the PRBB centres. After that, Dr. Jordi Cami, General Director of PRBB, will talk about the park and then the laboratories of Clinical Trials of the IMIM and of Genetics of the UPF will be visited.

The Portuguese delegation will consist of a large group of authorities in the neighbouring country: the Secretary of State for Communities, Dr. António Braga, the Portuguese Ambassador in Madrid, Mr. Alvaro de Mendonça e Moura, and the General Consul of Portugal in Barcelona, Dr. Bernard Futscher Pereira, among others.

The purpose of the visit is to know the structure and organization of the PRBB and see some of its facilities.

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