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Energy takes center stage during the second session of the MIT Conference

As part of the fifth edition of the Tech Summer Sessions taking place in Barcelona until early July, yesterday, June 15, the two-day-long MIT Conference came to a close. The second day of the meeting consisted of an intense session centered on the major Catalan as well as international technological projects in the fields of energy, water and transport. Apart from these three themes, the protagonist of the day, both in terms of the challenges it presents and its transversal characteristics, was the theme of technological developments in the field of energy. The Catalan Councilor for Innovation, Universities and Business Josep Huguet was in charge of bringing down the curtain on the MIT Conference.

Octavi Planells, Clara Cardona | 16 june de 2010

MIT experts share their knowledge with Catalan researchers and entrepreneurs

The business, study and administration of energy, water and transport converge as lines of development these days in Barcelona’s fifth annual Tech Summer Sessions (TSS). As part of these conferences, organized by the Foundation b_TEC, the first of two sessions took place yesterday that make up the MIT Conference, where experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the U.S. shared their knowledge on the three main topics of the conference with Catalonia’s researchers and entrepreneurs.

Octavi Planells, Clara Cardona | 15 june de 2010

A new step towards the Diagonal-Besòs Campus

On Monday June 14, the 5th edition of the Tech Summer Sessions open with a series of debates and workshops that bring together leading experts in Barcelona, Spain, from the international stage of energy, water and mobility. Since their beginning five years ago, these sessions targeted primarily at professionals have generated knowledge and continued the formulation and construction of the future Diagonal-Besòs Campus.

Clara Cardona | 10 june 2010

The highs and lows of Catalonia’s research and innovation system

Despite the achievements of the last decade in research and innovation policies, Catalonia still has much to do to join the world’s elite in R+D+I. In terms of innovation, the Spanish autonomous community is at the forefront of a disadvantaged OECD country, but it is still below the average for this group of countries. These and many other findings are highlighted in a report that the OECD itself has developed to evaluate the Catalan research and innovation system. The report was presented on Thursday, June 3, at the Capilla of Santa Àgata in Barcelona.

Clara Cardona | 7 june 2010

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