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How many people are in space?

The website “How many people are in space right now?” shows how many astronauts are currently in outer space. It is an interesting bit of real-time trivia as we approach the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s historic space flight

The world clock of everything

Poodwaddles’ World Clock 2011 is a clock that not only tells the time but also provides annual, monthly, weekly, daily or instantaneous counts of all types of data in real time such as global population growth, the number of emails sent around the world, global oil production and many, many more interesting statistics

The Fukushima nuclear crisis explained

The unfolding accident at Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant has reopened the debate about the safety of nuclear energy. An interactive graphic on the website of the prestigious newspaper The New York Times explains the keys to understanding what is happening

Analyze your eating habits

Ribefood is a computer program, developed jointly by the University Rovira i Virgili and the University of Barcelona, which allows users to know the health risks (environmental pollutants) and benefits (nutrients) of their diet

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