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Antarctic surprises

During the past 15 years, around 10,000 km2 of Antarctic ice sheets have disintegrated into the Weddell Sea. This has facilitated the study of the sea floor, where scientists have been amazed to find that the benthic ecosystem has recovered much more quickly than expected after such a devastating event. But if climate change increases the melting of the ice sheet, the re-colonization of the seabed may prove to be impossible

APRIL 27TH 2011

A 'cyborg' in the dining room

Would we accept having small solar panels inserted into our bodies and becoming “cyborgs” in order to produce our own energy? Imagine that this is a good mental exercise to explore how far we are willing to go to contribute toward a shift to clean and renewable energy sources

APRIL 14th, 2011

Destination: History

We are in a phase of space exploration in which it is difficult for anyone to remember the name of an active astronaut. But there is no doubt that the excitement of space exploration will be reignited either by returning to the Moon or by more ambitious projects, including expeditions to Mars or asteroids

APRIL 12TH, 2011

The forgotten ‘underwater forests’

In the sea, there are large extensions of corals, sea fans and sponges. They form true animal forests, rich in biodiversity, which have a structure similar to terrestrial woodlands. But these underwater forests are under threat, and it is worth remembering that this is the International Year of Forests

APRIL 6TH, 2011

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