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Science Festival 2010 in Barcelona’s Parc de la Ciutadella

What would you like to know about biodiversity, robots, the origin of the cosmos, the applications of mathematics or the latest technological developments? You will find these and other topics explained in depth at Barcelona’s Science Festival 2010 on June 12 and 13 in the Parc de la Ciutadella. More than 60 activities, from workshops and demonstrations to virtual games, talks, walks, installations and performances, will try to answer questions such as why a blue laser can pop a yellow balloon but cannot burst a blue one; why particles have mass; what dark matter is; what allows us to see polarized light; or why we do not see green stars.

11 june 2010

Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival

Today, June 1, at 21:30 the 17th edition of Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival (FICMA) gets under way at Cines Alexandra. This year, for the first time, programming will also be available on the website of the festival, which lasts until June 6.

1 june 2010

Grand Farewell Party to the Museum of Natural Sciences

On Saturday, May 15 at 22:30, the Natural Science Museum invites the citizens of Barcelona to the Farewell Party of a facility with 128 years of history that is closing its doors to evolve and adapt to new times. After a large theatrical, musical and fireworks show by the company Artristras, “some inhabitants” of the Castell dels Tres Dragons (the Zoology Building) will begin their journey to the Blue Museum, the museum’s new location at the Forum in Barcelona.

14 may 2010

International Museum Day is approaching

Tuesday, May 18, is the 32nd International Museum Day. But, starting on May 15, you can visit any museum you wish, walk their exhibition halls at your leisure and try to make the tough decision of which of the limitless activities to take part it. In short, go out and take advantage of this great cultural offering.

14 may 2010

Loop Barcelona, the video art festival

The city of Barcelona will host the Loop Festival, the international fair dedicated to the art of the moving image till May 22.. The event will bring together a thousand new and surprising proposals from the world of video art.

13 may 2010

"Water, Rivers and People" arrives to Barcelona

"Water, Rivers and People", an international photography exhibition documenting the damage caused to millions of people by obsolete water policies designed without heed of their impact on local populations and the surrounding biosphere will open its doors to the public tomorrow, Tuesday, May 4. The exhibition, organized by Pedro Arrojo, the recipient of the 2003 Goldman Prize and creator of the New Water Culture Foundation, will remain on display at the Barcelona Maritime Museum until May 30, 2010.

3 may 2010

The exhibition "Mathematical Experiences. Forbidden not to touch” is stopping in Girona

Exhibition and conference

The House of Culture from the Diputación of Girona is hosting an exhibition that seeks to explain and demonstrate the usefulness of mathematics in everyday life. From calculations, logic and insight, the exhibition aims to make visitors understand that mathematics are not so abstract and distant as they seem. The exhibition is part of a project to get a mathematics museum in Catalonia; it is aimed at all audiences, and will be in Girona until the 27th February.

8 February 2010

BMW Initiative presents the project Pez de Plata rBarcelona: reflexiona, recicla, responde

Book and exhibition

BMW Initiative presents its second editorial project, the book Pez de Plata rBarcelona: reflexiona, recicla, responde (rBarcelona Silver Fish: consider, recycle, respond), a work reflecting Barcelona's commitment to make a more sustainable and liveable city through 24 social and environmental responsible initiatives. From the 14th to the 17th of January an exhibition will take place at the Contemporary Culture Centre of Barcelona.

13 January 2010

Punto y raya festival, the most abstract in the world, at the Arts Santa Mònica


From 25 to 29 November at the Arts Centre Santa Monica the Second Issue of Punto y Raya Festival will take place. A competition that has earned the title of the most abstract of the world and which explores the creative possibilities of the point and the line in various fields of science, art and thought. No figuration, only points and lines as ends in themselves.

23 November 2009

Abracadabra. Illusionism and science at the CosmoCaixa

From tomorrow one can visit in Barcelona at the CosmoCaixa the exhibition Abracadabra. Illusionism and science that seeks to explain in a scientific and practical way how magicians 'cheat' our senses making us perceive illusions of reality

18 November 2009

The week of science 09

On Friday 13 November the V Week of Science will be launched, organized by the Department of Innovation, Universities and Enterprise and the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRI). Until November 24 events and activities will be carried out throughout the country, such as open days at museums, conferences, workshops, competitions, environmental walks, film screenings. Several entities participate during this week, such as museums, universities, research centres, technology parks and companies throughout Catalonia with the aim of bringing science to society in a fun and educational way.

12 November 2009

Glances between Science and Art


Today the chats start at the Palau de la Virreina: Glances between Science and Art, organized by the Cultural Institute of Barcelona. At each of the gatherings, the dialogue between scientists and relevant artists of the national and international scene must show how much they all have sought inspiration or knowledge in art and science, respectively. The intention is to facilitate open dialogue and a fluid relationship between two traditionally opposing camps, as one of the greatest challenges of contemporary culture.

9 November 2009

The drama of the flight of brains in Africa


Within the schedule of the 14th African Film Festival of Barcelona, the film The Absence from Mama Keita will be presented, who talks about the brain drain in Africa, through the story of one of many young Africans that are going to study abroad, often never to return.

5 November 2009

Cambodia, land of hope at the CaixaForum Barcelona


Until the 28th February 2010 one can see at the CaixaForum Barcelona the exhibition “Cambodia, land of hope”. The exhibition wants to bring the visitor closer to the reality of this little south East Asian country and its recent past which is marked by tragedy.

4 November 2009

You are unique, interact and discover your identity in Sabadell


Until the 28th December one can see at the Obra Social of the Caixa of Sabadell the exhibition Ets únic. Biometria. Interactua i descobreix la teva identitat (You are unique. Biometrics. Interact and discover your identity). The exhibition runs through this technology, reviewing the digital techniques that are used and their applications, and it also proposes the political and ethical themes that can be discussed. The visitor is encouraged to participate with biometric and fun devices so that he or she can form their own opinion.

28 october 2009

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