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Mathematics and physics in the digital camera

The Saturdays of Physics and Mathematics start on the 20th of February with a special joint session on how these disciplines have been involved in the development of the digital camera. The conference will take place in the hall of the Rectory of the UAB.

18 February 2010

What lies behind a jpeg file? And of a bmp? Why do some occupy more than others in the computer if the photograph is the same? If Robert Capa would be alive, he would surely want to know what the secrets are that lie behind the digital camera lens. 
At 1000 h, Juan Campos, professor of Physics at the UAB will open the day with the lecture 'Could the 'messenger' and 'facebook' be possible without the worthy progress of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2009?' At 1100 h, there will be pause and, at 11.30 am, Juan Jesús Donaire, Professor of the Department of Mathematics at the UAB, will offer the conference Mathematics of the digital camera.
Saturdays of Mathematics

One more year, the department of Mathematics of the UAB organizes the Saturdays of Mathematics, an activity that wants to stimulate the interest for this discipline amongst the students of secondary school. 

After the inaugural session, the Saturdays of Mathematics will continue in April, on the 10th, 17th and 24th at the Faculty of Sciences. In this edition, the following issues will be addressed like projective geometry (by Gregori Guasp), statistics (by Llorenç Badiella and Anna Espinal) and cryptography (by Rosa Camps).

Saturdays of Physics

Saturdays of Physics also return, offering an overview of the wide and exciting world of physics.  This year there will be five conferences about very different subjects between the 20th of February and the 20th of March.

Marià Baig will talk about the past, present and future of cryptology. Manel Martínez will offer the lecture Astroparticles: the extreme universe. Daniel Campos will hold the conference  Econophysics: what can physics say about the crisis? And Carles Navau will close the cycle talking about the metamaterials, a way towards invisibility. Apart from the lectures, visits to the different teaching and research laboratories of the UAB will be offered.

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