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More coal – we want water!

The Museu Agbar proposes for Saturday, July 3 at 22:00, a theatrical tour in which the architect Josep Amargós i Samaranch, along with one of the boilermen and one of the engineers responsible for the steam engines at the Central Cornellà de Aguas of Barcelona, will explain the origin of this water extraction and pumping plant, which began operating in 1909.

30 june 2010

Genes, on the front page

On Thursday, July 1 at 19:30, in the sala Verdageur of the Ateneu Barcelonés (C / Canuda, 6), Matiana González Silva (CEHIC) will give the conference “Els gens, a la portada” (“Genes on the front cover") as part of the conferences series “Goodbye to the all-powerful genes.” The speaker will describe the history of genetics in the imagery projected by the media, from the point of view of a journalist and historian of science.

30 june 2010

Twins, colored mice and Danish mothers

Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 15 at 19:30 in the sala Verdaguer of the Ateneu of Barcelona, Manel Esteller, of the Gene Therapies and Transplant group of the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Insitute (IDIBELL), will give the talk entitled “Bessons, ratolins de colors i mares daneses, i si Lamarck tingués una mica de raó?” (“Twins, Colored Mice and Danish Mothers, what if Lamarck was partially right?”). The lecture forms part of Ateneu series on science called “Adéu als gens omnipotents” (“Goodbye to the omnipotent genes”).

14 june 2010

The quality of life of people with dementia

Today Monday, June 14 at 19:30 in the Library Vila de Gràcia in Barcelona, Josep Vila Miravent, a psychologist at the Alzheimer Foundation of Catalonia, will speak on the quality of life of people with dementia, within the lecture series “Perspectives on Aging,” organized by Libraries of Barcelona in collaboration with the Aging Institute of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

14 june 2010

Energy Week in Catalonia

Energy Week is a campaign the Catalan Institute for Energy Research organizes annually with the collaboration of different companies and organizations that aims to educate the Catalan public to improve energy management and encourage behavioral changes regarding energy consumption.

11 june 2010

BioBlitzBcn, a “treasure hunt” to discover Barcelona’s biodiversity

What are epiphytic lichens? Is it easy to find ferns in the city of Barcelona? How do the algae found in ponds and fountains look under a microscope? How are fungi identified? What are the most abundant arthropods in parks? Spreading knowledge of the biological diversity of the city and increasing public awareness of the need to preserve the natural environment are the goals of BioBlitzBcn, a day of naturalistic inquiry open to the public and promoted by the University of Barcelona and the city of Barcelona.

11 june 2010

New technologies applied to agriculture

The Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (mNACTEC) has organized the conference “Les noves tecnologies aplicades a l'agricultura” (“New technologies applied to agriculture”) for Thursday, June 10th at 19:00. The conference will be given by Puigdomènech Pere, academic director of the Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) and researcher of Spain’s National Research Council (CSIC).

10 june 2010

A white book of the mathematical research carried out in Catalonia

Today, Thursday, June 10 at 18:00, the “Llibre blanc matemàtica recerca a Catalunya” (The White Book of Mathematical Research in Catalonia”) will be presented at the Institute of Catalan Studies (IEC; c/ del Carme 47, Barcelona). This white book, commissioned by the IEC, contains comprehensive information on the research carried out at Catalan universities, which, despite being public, is not always easy to find and, so far, had never been compiled into one source.

10 june 2010

The solidarity economy and the construction of a social market

As part of the 2nd cycle of Economic Coffee Talks organized by Casa Orlandai, which deals with the social economy and the construction of economic alternatives, tomorrow, Wednesday, June 9 at 19:00, the talk “L’economia solidària i la construcció d'un mercat social” (“The solidarity economy and building a market social”) will be given by Jordi Garcia.

8 june 2010

Molecular evolution in humans

The Astronomical Association of Osona will hold the conference “Evolució molecular en humans” (“Molecular Evolution in Humans”) by Josep M. Serrat, of the University of Vic, on Tuesday, June 8.

7 june 2010

Families and elderly care

Today, Monday, June 7 at 19:30 in the Library Les Corts - Miquel Llongueras in Barcelona, the sociologist Gabriela del Valle will give the talk entitled “Familias y el ciudado de las personas mayores” (“Families and Caring for the Elderly”) as part of the lecture series “Perspectives on Aging,” organized by Libraries of Barcelona in collaboration with the Aging Institute of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

7 june 2010

Does Spain need another anti-smoking law?

Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 8 at 15:00, the talk “¿Necesitamos otra ley de tabaquismo? (“Do We Need Another Anti-Smoking Law?) based on the SEE Report on the evaluation of the Spanish anti-smoking law of 2005, will be presented by Dr. Manel Nebot of Barcelona’s Public Health Agency. The talk forms part of the conference series “Epidemiology and Public Health” held by the IMIM-Barcelona’s Hospital del Mar.

7 june 2010

Cerdà postmetropolis: The government of metropolitan regions in the XXI century

Between 8 and June 11, the Postmetropolis Cerdà Congress will bring together more than sixty local and international experts on urban planning who will propose their visions of the city from varying disciplines in the course of a workweek. The main issue on the table will be “The government of metropolitan regions in the XXI century.”

4 june 2010

Weekend activities in the Agbar Water Museum in Barcelona

This weekend, the Agbar Museu de les Aigues (Agbar Water Museum) proposes two activities. On Saturday at 22:00, La Factoria Mascaro presents “El Jardín de las Maravillas” (“The Garden of Wonders”), while Sunday at 12:00, World Environment Day will be celebrated with Verdesca i Tresca. Both activities, free of charge, will be held in the Garden of the Museum.

4 june 2010

Math & Music cocktail: 2/3 fractions + 1/3 harmony

Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 2 at 19:30 in the Cultural Center San Josep de L'Hospitalet de Llobregat near Barcelona, the talk “Còctel mate-musical: 2/3 fraccions + 1/3 d’harmonia” (“Math & Music Cocktail: 2/3 fractions + 1/3 harmony”) will be given by Joan Jareño, math teacher at IES Alella and member of CREAMAT and Francina Turón, PhD in Physics, pianist and cellist and music teacher at the IES Sant Vicenç de Montalt.

1 june 2010

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