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What we are ?

What is Global Talent?

Global Talent is a digital platform launched by the Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca i la Innovació (FCRI) with support from the Department for Innovation, Universities and Enterprise of the Generalitat of Catalonia (DIUE). With an online journal format, Global Talent is the first major disseminating initiative of science framed in the spirit of the Pacte Nacional per a la Recerca i la Innovació (PNRI, National Pact for Research and Innovation).

Its aim is to respond to the challenges set by the PNRI in spreading science, raising awareness amongst the Catalan society of the importance of research and innovation for the country, as well as projecting internationally the Catalan research and innovation system. Global Talent’s long term objective is to become the backbone of the social knowledge of science in Catalonia, incorporating the latest Web 2.0 technologies and a team of experienced professionals of scientific communication contrasting with the media distributed around the world.

Who does Global Talent address

Global Talent is defined as a multi-user platform. This means that its contents are produced in multiple formats according to the technology available at all times, and that its objective public is diverse. As is known, Internet is able to disseminate knowledge in multiple formats, from the more conventional based on text and hyperlinks, to other more sophisticated multimedia treatments. Different treatments facilitate the search for anyone to find their information or space according to their interests, from college students to professionals in the scientific community, through managers of R & D & I or scientific politics or teachers seeking educational resources on the network.

The application of advanced technologies favours on the other hand, the participation of users through the various sections of Global Talent and, most importantly, through the most popular social networks, of which the journal is also a part. The main segments of the public it wants to reach out to are:

Scientific community

It includes the set of researchers who operate within the system (universities, research centres, IPO); managers and technical support for research; experts and policy-makers; disseminators and social communicators of science.

• Business community

The R & D facilitates business opportunities that are of interest to entrepreneurs, business men with a desire for innovation, managers or even professionals linked to economic and technological responsibilities.

• Socials Networks

The new technologies of information and communication are enabling the generation of spontaneous groups of people according to common interests, whether of knowledge, professional solidarity, or simply entertainment. They are the social networks of participation.

• Teaching professionals and school communities

The generation of educational resources aimed at the teaching community should result in products adapted to school children of different ages.

• General public

Given the potential of the communication media, specific treatments are expected to capture the attention of a general public interested in science, technology and innovation.

What information does Global Talent provide

From Global Talent it is understood that knowledge, either acquired, or generated, causes a strong and undeniable impact in any field, particularly social and economic. For this reason, Global Talent is defined as an online journal that reports on science, economy and society. Three large sections provide the information offer of Global Talent: News & Views, MediaLab and Environments.


It groups the large journalistic sections of current information from sources of international reference.


News&Views: news, reports and interviews drawn from international sources.
Frontiers: Current subjects in an international context.
Science for Presidents: Research journalisms, analysis and reports of universal interest.


Correspondents: Personalised chronicles from journalists and experts from anywhere in the world.
Logbook: Experiences, expeditions and experiments of universal interest, set in a series of chapters.

Off Science:

Tribunes: The opinion of scientists, specialised journalists and policy managers on the social and economic impact of science.
Strip: Graphic humour about science and its social impact.


Experimental multimedia area which aims to inform people, experiences and scientific concepts of social impact.


Profiles: Personalities of science, development and innovation based on knowledge.
Conferences: What the great protagonists of the big forums say with a journalistic, editorial and technological flair.
Interviews: The scientist, leader in opinion, in depth.


• Photos: the best images to associate science and society in journalistic series.
Videos: documentaries and video portraits about scientists and their environment.
Infographics: animated resources about concepts, processes and occurrence of universal interest


All science and technology systems are comprised of research institutions (universities, reference hospitals), political and managerial organizations, a business pattern active in R & D and dissemination instruments and popularisation of knowledge (networks of museums, publishers). All this defines an environment where wealth is defined by its activity level and the quality of social and economic impact it generates.


• Recommendations: what can be read, seen and visited at the discretion of the editor and the general public.
• Critical: what the editor likes and why, and what the public likes.
• Cultural aggregator: everything that happens around the culture of science from
original sources and the editor's filter.


Environments: everything that is happening in the Catalan system of science, technology and innovation from original and filtered sources of the editor.
Resources: the resources on the Internet of the system, organised and commented.
Agenda: what has to come and what has to happen that is of interest for the main characters of the system.
Calls: subsidies, grants or competitive resources useful for local and international professional scientist 


Anything that happens in science, technology, and sometimes politics, that everyone asks in a low voice and for which there is not always a loud answer. Formulated in terms of criticism, disagreement, doubt, knowledge, networks, economics, rebellion, communication, solidarity, thinking, globalization, system ...

What is the editorial policy of Global Talent

In just a few years, Catalonia and the city of Barcelona have become an international benchmark that goes far beyond the fashionable tourist destination. Over time, the country and its capital have managed to combine its history as a Mediterranean reference with that of culture of transgression, with its organizational capacity of major events or the interest generated as a business centre. Catalonia forms part, by its own merits, of a world that is more and more global.

This international will has been strengthened, in recent times, from the different sectors that are betting for Catalonia to be considered a centre of knowledge, and which takes as its primary value the investment in competitive research at a global level and the capacity to attract international scientific talent. This investment is expected to provide an economic  impact that will facilitate an active participation in building the society of knowledge, as well as  transcending the social debate that arises from the emergence of new ideas.

In this context, the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRI) launches Global Talent (www.globaltalentfcri.com), a digital newspaper created in Catalonia with a clear international objective. With the support from the Department for Innovation, Universities and Enterprise of the Generalitat of Catalonia, this is the first step of the popularization spirit of science enshrined in the Pacte Nacional per a la Recerca i la Innovació (PNRI, National Pact for Research and Innovation).

The first objective of Global Talent is to disseminate and publicize the most current science, to explain how knowledge translates into economy and promote a social debate of ideas. To achieve this, it starts from the Catalan scientific and technological system to place it in the international context. The platform through which it is expresses is a digital diary that incorporates the latest technological innovations of Web 2.0.

With this in mind, the new daily is also a collaborative model of synergy between all actors of a strategic sector such as research. A model that helps us to be led to our future society and our economy of knowledge, the framework that will allow us to compete internationally and set the basis for Catalonia to become a pole of knowledge, as specified by the PNRI.

Innovative journalistic product

Global Talent is defined as a journalistic product that incorporates innovation and design technology. As an informative product, it is neatly launched different from the current Internet offers in this field, with scientific, economic and social contents presented in the latest generation supports, updated daily with professional rigor and accommodating language.

The editorial section is structured from a distributed edition and a centralized control centre of production. It has a wide network of specialized journalists and collaborators with a high mobility and international connection that is complemented with the access to the best publications and services and global communication agencies. This facilitates a multilingual treatment (the journal is published in Catalan, Spanish and English). With this network it should be possible to cover the most important events in science or innovation, interviews or opinions of leaders in opinion or the correspondence and the debate in newspaper format.

At the same time, Global Talent uses editorial criteria and an experimental approach in the treatment of the most graphic sections and multimedia, or the incorporation of link journalism, in an aggregate form (automated search engines of online information), in those sections designed to inform of resources.

The technological field is the most open one for innovation. Global Talent has opted to escape the standardization and mass treatment, the development of a management platform, to which it has joined the development of custom applications according to editorial criteria and usage and editing practices. In its first phase the development of a player with the ability to add layers and layers of information in parallel stands out, a specific aggregator for the environment of journalism links, and a content management system specifically designed to cover editing tasks.

Collaborative model

The establishment of a collaborative and relational model should favour the establishment of a sustainable publishing business model and a network of institutional relationships that contribute to energizing the system.

In this context, with Global Talent a configuration of informative circuits has been promoted, designed as communication products and services that are available to the community that forms the Catalan system of science, technology and innovation to expand this network later to international institutions.

As the PNRI prioritizes, Catalonia wants to place science, technology and innovation at the forefront of the Catalan society in the coming years. Global Talent, following in the spirit of the PNRI, wants to make people recognize and understand the importance of research and innovation for the country and, in a second and important step, to engage smart and active  citizens, users and consumers.

The degree to which science, technology and innovation are infused into the Catalan society will be, in the long term, a key to becoming a world class power in research and innovation. A society that knows and recognizes the value of science and its protagonists is a society more prone to change, transformation, more reactive and proactive to the challenges and difficult situations, together with a youth, also more dedicated to the
scientific and technological studies.
Global Global Global Global